Marcela Dias

Actress Singer Comedian 
Schauspielerin Sängerin • Komödiantin




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Marcela Dias is an actress and singer, with a postgraduate degree in Musical Theater by UniRio (2010). She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - the granddaughter of Portuguese and Italian immigrants - and has been living in Berlin since 2016. In 2019 she performed in the musical Miscast Musicals from Berlin Musicals; in the play La Luna a co-production between Germany and Poland; premiered the Variety Cabaret Die Super PapagaJa Show and will premiere in October the play Safestay Hostel from Platypus Theater and in November the play Texas in ACUD Theater whilst playing monthly in the Variety Show Papagei Allerlei where she is one of the moderators. She also does Stand-Up Comedy and has appeared in venues in Berlin such as Nameless, Chuckleheads,  Adorable Creatures and Slingshot. Founding member of the musical theater group As Sadomusicistas (since 2009). With the group she wrote and produced two original musical comedies  – Muita Mulher para Pouco Musical which received the award for best show at the VII Festival Nacional de Teatro de Duque de Caxias in 2011 and Novelas – O Musical which earned her a nomination in the Best Musical Theater Actress category at the 3rd Prêmio Botequim Cultural in 2014.


Main works:


  • Safestay Hostel - 2019
  • Fox - 2019
  • Die Super PapagaJa Show - 2019
  • La Luna - 2019
  • Miscast Musicals - 2019
  • Papagei Allerlei - since 2018,
  • Coco Hanke - 2018,
  • Novelas - o Musical - 2014-2015,
  • Se Joga Impro- 2014,
  • Shrek - the musical - 2013,  
  • Brazilian Academy of Letters – Guided Tour - 2012-2016,
  • Muita Mulher Pra Pouco Musical - 2010-2012.