Marcela Dias

Actress Singer Comedian 



"WHY CHIQUINHA?" is a contemporary multidisciplinary quartet inspired by the revolutionary and controversial work of Brazilian composer, pianist, conductor and activist Francisca Gonzaga, aka Chiquinha (1847-1935) . The performance reflects decolonial aesthetics through an experimental musical collage. Co-composed arrangements of Gonzaga's pieces based on improvisation are created. In a dense texture of the voices of our time and theirs, as well as scenic elements, choro is expressed as a genre between times. [2023]



Noam Carmon – clarinet, musical dir., artistic concept Marcela Dias – voice, artistic concept

Julia Kadel – piano

Liliana Zieniawa – percussion

Claudia Isabel Martin – direction,artistic concept

Hellena Kuasne – costume and set design

Valentina Liudmila – costume and set design assistant



Kurzfilm von Marcela Dias

SMS: Glück - Das Festival des Happy Ends [2019]